Job Descriptions

After trudging through lots of help wanteds I just feel the need to vent (whine). Why do responsibilities/duties/job descriptions have to sound like you're applying for a government security position? Some of them with reams of scary sounding/brain surgeon stuff? If I'm applying for an admin asst position, why do I have to be capable of lifting 50 lbs? Okay, so sometimes copy paper can be heavy, but will I be lugging around copy machines? And why a 50 lb. cut off? Why not make it 100 lbs just to cya when someone lifts a pen the wrong way and strains their back?

I promise if I'm ever in a position to hire, I will not give positions cutesy names....if I need a cashier I'll say cashier and not Front End Customer Specialist. If I need someone to put together gift baskets I'll say gift basket assembler, not Fruit Artist. Honestly.

If I want you to answer phones, make appointments, do some data entry, write letters, maybe tally up time card entries and give breaks to the receptionist, that's what I'll say. Not paragraphs and paragraphs of legal sounding/double speak straight from a website that gives canned job descriptions when someone wants a position to sound much more involved than it is and that makes you wonder if you're not getting involved with some kind of Area 51 agency.

/rant and now back to sifting through job descriptions a rocket scientist wouldn't qualify for.

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