Not Too Old To Work

I am 68 and have over 30 years office mgr, admin, c/s and dispatching experience with impeccable references and excellent attendance history.

I was never a job hopper and only had 3-4 jobs. I quit my wonderful job when my husband's company moved us to Houston from Dallas. We are now back in the Dallas area. The job did called and wanted me back but I no longer want to work 50-55 hours a week
I want to work part time M-F mornings if at all possible. BUT will work full time if need be. I do not need any benefits!

I have been on 3 interviews ALL saying we will CALL you and let you know our decision. Guess what? Not one single call! When I was in HR when I told someone I would call them, I DID. Sometimes it wasn't pleasant to call to let them know that we had decided to go with another candidate but I would usually let them know why etc.
I don't understand when someone tells you something they don't follow thru. Have I been out of the job-market for so long that everything has changed?

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