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Do you always find yourself wondering about life, its purposes, and facts? If yes, then humanities represent the right education field for you. Humanities signify a fast-growing sector in academia, after business and management, especially with the impressive improvement in technologies that are radically changing life as we know it. This academic field includes numerous topics and subjects that eager students study to obtain a better understanding of the world around them. Aspiring humanitarians usually spend the time to find an exciting piece of writing that studies and explore mind-blowing topics and unusual opinions. But they also have an excellent chance to pursue a career in this remarkable field by enrolling for a course in reputable Australian universities and colleges. However, If English isn’t your first language, you must provide fluency proof before admission. Moreover, you will probably need to consider essay help Australia to submit your academic assignments on time and improve the quality of your essay writing.

These top 4 academic institutions offer the most remarkable studies in the field of humanities and social sciences.

University of Melbourne:

Ranking as the 26th best global university, this public university welcomes Australian and international students who are interested in an excellent career opportunity. Students can reside in a nearby college or other adjacent sites that provide easy access to this leading institution. Although founded in the 19th century, the university currently adopts the latest trends in academic research that focus on engagement and participation. In a highly-professional educational environment, all students find the best assistance that enables them to embark on their journey. The university offers 17 impressive humanities courses that focus on ancient world studies, anthropology, art history, Asian studies, Australian indigenous studies, gender studies, classic arts, history, philosophy of science, Islamic studies, Indonesian studies, Italian, sociology, and geography.

University of Sydney:

This is the oldest Australian university and is the 31st university in global searches. It currently has 16 divisions that cover numerous academic disciplines with a particular focus on social sciences. It is also located near Sydney's city centre providing an enriching experience to its students. More than 60,000 students are enrolled in this academic institution, with almost 48,000 engaging in full-time studies. This university currently offers 69 courses, with 5 courses in humanities that focus on international and global studies, liberal arts and science, economic and social sciences, in addition to a special degree in social work.

Australian National University:

It is located in the capital city, Canberra with a location that highlights its unique history and value provided to all Australian people. The university views academic research as a valuable asset that enriches people’s lives as they are trained to become world-class citizens. Students are always intrigued to study and analyze contemporary issues in a world that changes by the second. The university has 7 colleges and offers 11 humanities major that provide Bachelor degrees in archaeology, history, development studies, European studies, international relations, Middle Eastern and Central Asian studies, Pacific studies, policy studies, philosophy, and economics.

University of Queensland:

Founded in 1909, this university has 3 main campuses. It has 6 main academic divisions, and one of them is the humanities and social sciences department. It follows a semester-based academic calendar, although interested candidates can enrol for shorter summer courses. Undergraduates are also eligible for scholarships that allow them to train in various winter and summer programs. The humanities majors include degrees in social work, international studies, social science, human services, and arts. For years, this university has collaborated with world-ranking professors to enrich academic life. Currently, more than 40,000 students studying for a degree that can help make our world a better place.

These universities offer great scholarship programs which might be the opportunity you need to reach your potential. Do your research and start your quest today.

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This is a great guide! I agree that the humanities are definitely gaining momentum again as a favored path for students. Do you have any personal experience with Australia? I studied here in the US. I didn't even consider Australia and now I'm kind of kicking myself! These seem like some great opportunities.