After I took a stand!

Hi all ! I would just like to say after taking a stand and got out of a job that my boss made everyday a living hell for me . Each day I got up to go to work was such a let down for me. But after I finally had really ask myself do I really have to take this kind of treatment everyday? I realized that no I don’t. It was my own fault that I had let myself be treated like that and I was only person that could change it. Yes I know people are out here everyday looking for a job. And yes I knew if I quit what I was putting myself into . But the thought of getting up everyday and knowing my day was gonna be nothing but misery I knew in my heart I had to stop it. People don’t look at a half of glass of water being half empty. Look at it as being half full. By that I mean look at your life in a positive way. Don’t let the negativity over come the positive things in life! That being said I took my stand and got out of that abusive job. I told myself that I am a good person and I ask god for the strength to help me make a change . And by way don’t ever be afraid of change. Needless to say I made the change and now I’m happy to get up everyday and go to work . I love my present job even tho I’m still a truck driver. I feel good about myself because I beat them and they never took me down and I refuse to ever let things and people take me down. It all starts in you to make the stand and realize life is what we make it and life is full as we want it to be!




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