Paula Howe

I spent many many years at Family Dollar . I started in 1999 . I stayed with Family Dollar for almost 19 years . I grew with the company from going from $1 prices to when they decided to get away from $1 prices and expand the merchandise choices and brought in name brands and raised the prices . I believed in the company . I had so many district managers over the years that believed in me and helped me grow into not only a store manager but also a District Training manager . They were always there for me when I needed assistance and I was always there for them if they needed assistance I absolutely loved sharing my knowledge with promoted and new associates and enjoyed watching them grow with the company . I enjoyed being a part of hiring fairs to search for the talent we needed to add to our company . Loved meeting new people and if they were hired I would take them under my wing to make sure they were trained properly. I took pride in my position . I didn’t feel like it was just a career or job . I poured my heart and soul into my career . We all have jobs we don’t agree 100% with everything but I never gave up and continued on with a positive attitude and believed in their ways which made Family Dollar successful . Working for Family Dollar made me take pride in everything I did . Everyone I worked with became Family over the years . I was proud to work for Family Dollar . There wasn’t anything I didn’t enjoy about the job . What made it all worth it was to hear customers and corporate say how beautiful my store was and to keep up the great job . They showed appreciation and I knew I was appreciated.

6 months ago
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