John Clapp
8 months ago

I wanted to work at #HallmarkCircuitsinSanDiego,CA because

I retired from the United States Navy on 30 September 1987 as a Chief Sonar Technician with 23 years of service. I set out on my own by answering ads in news papers. I found myself to be either over qualified because of my 23 years of electronics training or under qualified due to a lack of computer knowledge. I applied at Kelly Temporary Services for employment. Kelly sent me to Hallmark Circuits as a general laborer. The management of Hallmark Circuits moved me around the various departments to see where I would be most productive. It was in the Wet Area Processing (plating/etching) that I found my nitch. It was discovered that I worked well with visiting chemical supplier’s engineers and technicians in developing Beta platforms for Electroless Through Hole Processing and Black Oxide Deposition. Hallmark also went to an Alternative to Black Oxide system. Unfortunately, due to both the attacks on the Twin Towers on 9/11 and the Enron Scandal, Hallmark Circuits fee on hard times and I as well as about eighty others were downsized in April 2007.

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