I am considering quitting my job

I have been working at a place for 2 years, last summer they made me floor manager. As the year ended, they talked to someone about being me protoge, so to speak. But since they started training him in January, I have been stuck in the area I worked before. Plus they started ignoring my requests, especially when it pertains to what needed to be done and wrote me up when the job did not get done. I was disciplined for not doing things their way as well, so when we got behind, it became solely my fault in their eyes despite the fact that the area I'm in is ahead. The job has largely been taken over by the new guy. Won't admit that I have been effectively demoted.

Recently, things have been occurring. I always put family first, me second, job last, so I requested time off to attend a family funeral. It was approved. I also had to attend to visitation, which was the day before which means no overtime. This was approved, then denied last minute with my boss saying the job is more important. They even had the guy they effectively replaced me with babysit me to ensure I did not leave

My mom is in the middle of a cancer scare, and I can't be doing overtime due to a desire to spend more time with her. Well, they did a mandatory 14 hour shift, which I left at 8 hrs for the above reason. My boss said I was being selfish and need to realize that my job comes first. Then said that people aren't doing their part to get production ahead, insinuating that I am being lazy. Then demanded me for 12 hrs on Saturday and Sunday.

I am ready to quit, I was always taught that family comes first no matter what. I forgot that in my 20s, worked them away as a workaholic, and in my 30s have nothing to show for it.




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