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This is an exciting opportunity for a top-notch cleared web developer who is eager to work on a modern, open-source web framework. Join a small team in rapidly advancing solutions in the cybersecurity problem space in an unclassified environment. (Yes, phones and windows!)

Primary skills: Expert JavaScript skills. Create custom, dynamic web functionality using technologies such as Angular 2/4, Express, and MongoDB. Must be fluent in a range of open-source JavaScript libraries (e.g., AngularJS/MEAN, JQuery, Node.js). Leverage CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and Google's Material Design/MUI. Create, update, and test REST web services. Standard development tools such as Git, Maven, Jenkins.

Secondary skills: Swagger, Java/back-end skills, Docker, ETL/data transport/transformation, create and work with RPMs, basic scripting, familiarity with networking and cybersecurity concepts; familiarity with AWS.

about 4 years ago
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