Have trouble answering specifically topic oriented IT technical questions during interviews

I have been recently laid off from an IT Managed Service provider after working for them for close to 6 years. My position with them consisted of being a: ield/Onsite/Remote Advanced Technology Support Specialist. Basically while in the field I replaced hardware computer and server and POS parts (at retail locations). While performing tech support onsite at various companies and organizations, I dealt with computer upgrades, performed data back up and migration and was the general onsite computer support person. So I'm starting to Interview now and when I get to interviews that ask me specific technical questions on a variety of topics, I always don't know if I have answered correctly or if I have given the interviewer the answer they are looking for. I always try to say if I don't know an answer to something, I will try my hardest to inquire and come up with an answer if I don't have it. Additionally, if I get the Interview through a recruiting or consulting company, I always seem to be asked more specific technical questions pertaining to a specific program or situation rather than just a broad question that encompasses something more general. Or the question may be am I apply to the wrong type of positions? Generally what I liked to do when applying to positions is look at the Required skills. If its in general what I think I would know what to do, I go on to job qualifications, if I meet them I apply. Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Just an F.Y.I I do have my Bach of Science in Computer Information Systems with a number of technical certifications and years of on the job training

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