Mikey Duhon
9 days ago

I was working for Mcdermott at the plant Total in port author tx when i quit due to covid. Mcdermott was giving us the option to voluntarily quit is what they called it, due to covid. Well i felt really tired one morning after working through the extreme heat 2 days prior. I know it was a heat related illness but they had me go get tested for covid anyway. The test came back positive which i call Bullshit. Beings i am from louisiana and staying in my Rv paging campground rent, i couldnt afford to quarantine myself and keep paying rent without working so in order to get my toolbox off of the jobsite because i wouldnt have been there for 2 weeks, i had to quit. Well i was able to collect unemployment for 3 weeks but the first check i got was with the 600 added and the next two checks were 274 as the extra $600 deadline hit after i got it once. Well now Mcdermotts reason for me leaving and my reason for leaving dont match up so that caused my benefits to stop. Since tberes so high of a call volume i cant get in touch with the unemployment people. What can i do about this? Anyone can help point me in the right direction on what i can do? Sorry my story is so long

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Ronald Patterson

Try going online to get in touch with your state unemployment office. Or let your state representative know what's going on to solve your problem. Good luck to you my friend.

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