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Michael Carvalho
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Owner of Fabriclean Inc.

Started with positive thoughts, a plan in action can lead to beautiful results. It takes time and practice to a better future. Just when you thought it wasn't possible? Things keep getting in the way of your future. How many times did you want to give up? You believed in yourself and trusted all things are possible. The results for a better tomorrow. The pictures you see in the last two posts are from a job I finished last night. Here is what happened. I was hired to resurface this tub. Two weeks ago, I stripped cut, and rushed the job. Needless to say, it bubbled up on me. Upset and angry at the time because I rushed it. I had to strip it all over again and start fresh. This time I took my time and stripped it properly, cleaned it right, and here are the results. The point of the story is this all things are possible. Not all things happen overnight or on our time. Take the time to make a plan for a better tomorrow. #motivation #inspirational

over 3 years ago
Ford Simpson
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Jack of all trades,.master of none

So you messed up on your first try, you knew what you did wrong and corrected. Betting your second attempt produced a better result than if you got it right the first time. Now you had good teaching lesson for others,Ford