Finally ! The search is over

I been out out work for a year now. Been struggling and trying to take care of my family off my unemployment checks and it’s been rough. After 16 job interviews and being told I have the job 10 times and realizing the job is either not a great fit or not consistent or I had to be away from my then pregnant wife for five days at a time through her last trimester , I had to reevaluate and leave many jobs. Now I finally found a job I love that meets my needs and family needs. Working at the Children’s Home, and it’s located down the street from my house the pay is great and I drive the company car. I was losing faith but my wife helped me stick it out a lil longer. Now I’ll be able to get my kids presents and thank my wife for sticking with and dealing with all my moods. This site introduced me to the job that helped me get the job I have now. Thank you all for all your help and support.

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