What does "a good job" mean to you?

What do you think the answer to the above question is? I'd love to know - and so would my new reporter friend.

I just spoke with a caring reporter about the above question. A main theme of my conversation with her was how the answer differs for each person. That there is a baseline : an honest employer who treats you fairly and honestly. But beyond that, each of us has a different metric of what makes a good job (for some its $$, for others its impact, for others, personal growth, etc.). But that it is also impacted by where we are on a Mazlow's hierarchy of worklife needs. I mean - if one has in-demand skills and isn't worried about getting a new job, one can be picky and focus on things like great coworkers to learn and grow with, etc; but if one does not have in-demand skills to offer, or perhaps has an immediately need for ANY job or money, then a good job can fit a much lower criteria bar. That said, in any regard, a good job isn't just itself, but also what a person makes of to it (just like a good poker player can win with a bad hand, a person can make a mediocre job a good opportunity).

But enough of my musings - WHAT DO YOU THINK?
Feel free to be as short or long in answer as you'd like!





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