This is such a sad commentary on our social-employment opportunities and our understanding of experienced... see more

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Sometimes I get the same impression but I have lots of experience and feel I would be a great asset to any company... see more

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I can relate. I’m 55 & one hiring Mgr told me I’m too old...& wasn’t worried if I reported him- my word against... see more

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Wow! I'm 63. I have great references, and I've applied for at least 200 positions over 2 years and hardly a bite... see more

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Stay encouraged, Im transitioning into the work force at 70. Keep climbing, im a recent Criminal Justice Honor... see more

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I was in the same situation. Started my own home based business. Let me show you how to become your own boss.

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I have experienced the same thing. I've been in great interview situations, and then find out that 2-3 weeks later... see more

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I know that feeling

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I have been experiencing the same thing. I went on an interview with three of the top management team, three... see more

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I have an excellent work history and my resume is outstanding but I have been on 28 job interviews at the age of 52... see more

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