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It's Your Time Believe and Achieve
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I'm telling you the truth...(Must Read w/o Fail.)

It was one said that..."When you are working for a company or customer give them your darn best, and then some, plus ONE."

No matter what your Job Title is; Your Salary is; the Requirements are; Give that company your darn best... and your life will never be the same in years to come. That's the Secret.

Please DON'T fall-short in these additional areas:

  1. Attitude - Have a good attitude when you come to work. (Leave personal matters at-home or on the TV screen.)

  2. Smile - Have a smile of success in the workplace. (Smiles creates additional smiles from others.)

  3. Discipline - Allow discipline to guide you on multiple tasks. (Complete one action at a time.)

  4. Seriousness - Be sincere with what you delivery. (Your work represents the company's name.)

  5. Diligence - Don't work for the paycheck, work for the passion. (The checks will eventually track you down.) (See illustration)

"Success will appear in many different "blind formats" in your life, however, you have to put in the visible works beforehand." ~ Edward Alexander

I Believe You Can...!

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about 2 years ago
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