Working Again

I love my new job! No complaints, but it is part time, so now that I'm settled in, I am again looking for work. It's not the same of course, I'm not desperate, broke, and totally lost all of my confidence. But , it is still very important, and right now I am waiting for my background check to come back from the company that is defiantly my first choice for a second job, but it seems like its been forever, and I haven't heard anything. So, because I am a felon, I was charged in 2011 with a felony, I always worry when it's time to do a background check. I also do my homework and try not to apply to places that I know don't hire felons, but I know this one does, in fact they hired me before, but at a different location, and it was just to far for me to drive. So, my question is how long should I wait before I call them to see if there was a problem with my background check? I think it's been almost 2 weeks. Thank you erin




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