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Christianne Dimech
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Emergency Department Rn at Northwell Health

Travel nursing is a great opportunity for nurses who are looking to explore new destinations while earning a competitive salary and advancing their careers! There are positions available in various specialties for nurses who are willing to travel and take up the adventure.

Travel nurses are registered nurses who fill temporary needs in hospitals and healthcare facilities both in the United States and internationally. Travel nurse agencies work with healthcare systems to assign nurses short or long-term contracts based on the facility's needs. A typical contract lasts about 13 weeks, however, it can range from 4 weeks to 1 year depending on need and location.

Some benefits of Travel Nursing include:

✨ Exploring different parts of the US

✨ Competitive pays with health insurance benefits, housing and allowances

✨ Avoid workplace politics

✨ Exposure to different nursing styles, thus promoting professional growth

✨ Job security

✨ Meeting new people

Seeing all the great benefits that travel nursing has, does anyone here have travel nursing experience? Do you agree with these benefits?

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over 1 year ago
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