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Robin Meyer

Tired of working nights until 10 pm

I work as a part time cashier for a wholesale club in New York. I n was hired in June of 2016. I was told that it was a seasonal job but could become permanent. Well they did keep me on after the summer. But I have been working full time hours without benefits. So I spoke to HR and told her I will not work Full Time hours without benefits. Unless you give me full time status. She said she will talk to the Store Manager this week. So we shall see. In a way I am sick of working night so if they won't make me full time I will tell them I do not want to work nights anymore.
Any one am I wrong or right?


Marcus Jordan

Hey Robin,
It’s been a while..missed you in the community. Congrats on getting an extension on the seasonal job offer. That’s speaks volumes to your work ethic and value to the company. Asking for benefits is a completely reasonable request. I expect management to do the right thing by you respect to that issue. Shifting from nights to daytime schedule, however, might involve a bit more negotiating and patience on your end.
Retail management typically schedules resources according to business needs and seniority plays a major role in the decision making process when daytime schedule opens up. I hope they are able to accommodate you with both request but if they can’t offer you a change of schedule right away then ask about daytime openings in other departments they have trouble filling or reach out to the AM employees and find out if anyone is looking to move to to a PM schedule. Hope you get everything you’re asking for in one shot. Sounds like you deserve it!! Talk soon ;-)

Robin Meyer

Thank you for the praise and good advice.

Chrystie Collins

No Robin you are not wrong..for asking for benefits I'm pretty sure that they have benefits while you're working the shitty life it's sad but some people only do to you what you allow..yes be grateful for your job but do not subject yourself to being a push over god bless!!

Robin Meyer

Thank you Christie great advice

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I do believe you're in your full right, just mention how grateful you are for the opportunity of working full-time hours but you need benefits to go with that, show some appreciation Robin, try not to sound coarse about it, I'm sure you'll get what you want. Hang in there !!

Tim Durpos

My ex wife got a job at Costco and it started out the same way different hours all the time but it's been 10 years or longer she makes over 50 k a year with great benefits they put you through a bit at first but in the long run she got the reward I'd talk to them se if they are willing to give you benefits be grateful for the job alot of people are going without

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You just started and got your ninety days in but you haven't been there for a year. My suggestion to you is to go ask her but don't push her. Reasons I said because you just started and got your own foot in the door. You're doing fine and will make it in the long run ,if you keep working hard making it on top. Yes you are right but don't forget that hard work experience that got you on top.

Heidi Nerden

Be prepared to have them let you go. You may want to have a backup....

Aaron Langston

You get burned out it's normal see if your able to change shifts with someone to keep your mojo going. ... Seek for another job if they choose to not respect your wishes before making a solid descion

Robin Meyer

Thank you Aaron great advice. I was thinking of looking for. Another job. I am tired with all these hours.

Aaron Langston

You're welcome remember you are only the one that has to live your life not them

Henrietta Gasque

Hi Robin no you are not wrong cause if you don't speak up for yourself who will. why should you do the job of a full time person if you are not getting the full benefits of full time I hope all go well for you God Bless and never think you are wrong for speaking up for yourself God got you be bless.

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You're completely right to ask for benefits. If you're working full time hours then you should get full time benefits.