Retired Law Enforcement Officer

I have over twenty five years of state law enforcement experience and I am trying to get on as court room security with the US Marshals Office or as a Special Investigator with any of the major rail roads does any one have information along these lines. I have an associates degree from Marion Military Institute, a Bachelors Of Arts in psychology from Samford University, and a Masters Degree in psychology from Liberty University. I have spent 98% of my professional career in law enforcement and the military I was forced to retire early because of budget cut backs in my state and I am going nuts trying to find a decent agency that will just give me the opportunity to earn a chance for a spot at their table. I’m 49 and in excellent physical condition I attended Samford and Marion on full NCAA football scholarships I still run two miles a day and work out every afternoon so please anybody that can help let me hear from you. It’s not like it was in 1992 and all these job boards and headhunters are like speaking a forgiven language to me. I am used to going to an interview looking a man/ woman in their eye and shaking their hand and answering their questions if they tell me I’m not the best for the job I understand but getting ghosted, as my son calls it, is also a forgiven concept to me. I’m a good investigator and I need to provide for my family a 90% state pension isn’t getting it done. My thanks in advance to any and all that can help.
Just so you know there probably isn’t a job board out there I haven’t already applied to and I am just not getting any bites. Sincerely,
Jamie Brown

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