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Nur Yunlu
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Restaurant Worker / Designer / Marketing

As someone who has seen many dinner rushes and learned the ins and outs of the restaurant industry, I'm here to share a few words of wisdom with all of you beginners.

Embrace the Team Spirit 🤝: Each member contributes significantly to providing our guests with a flawless dining experience. Collaboration and communication are essential to our success in providing outstanding service.

Learn the Menu Inside Out 📖: You can make better decisions based on your dietary requirements and preferences by being aware of the menu, which will also improve your dining experience.

Prioritize Communication 🗣️: Effective communication is necessary to guarantee that operations run smoothly and customers are satisfied. Clear and open communication can also help to resolve problems quickly and promote a healthy work atmosphere.

Master the Art of Multitasking 🎭: In the restaurant industry, multitasking is a superpower. Juggling many jobs, resolving customer requests, and being organized are all important skills.

Patience is a Virtue 🕰️: In this field, patience is certainly an asset. Whether dealing with a difficult customer or managing a crowded Friday night,.

Customer Service is Queen 👑: Every customer should be treated as if they were royalty. A cheerful attitude, a kind smile, and attentive service can go a long way.

Stay Hydrated and Take Breaks 💧: It's easy to get caught up in the bustle, but remember to take care of yourself. Stay hydrated, take breaks when possible, and prioritize your health.

Adaptability is Your Secret Weapon 🛠️: The restaurant industry is always developing. Accept change, adapt, and learn from each experience.

Attention to Detail Matters 🧐: Whether you're garnishing a dish or setting a table, attention to detail is essential. Small details make a great difference in the eyes of customers.

Please, share your experience with us. ✨👇🏻

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about 2 months ago
Kelly Hurst
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Assistant General Manager at Cuellars Fajita Ranch


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