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I am looking to make a job transition; hopefully to get a start into CyberSecurity and Networking. I am going back to college full time, while teaching 2nd grade full time, & using my summer to do full time college, and look for another job. My problem: to complete my 2, two year degrees by next spring/possibly summer, I need to take one class in the fall '23 during the school workday (Tuesday's 8-12:15) and in the Spring semester '24 (Monday's 8-12:15). I really want to finish, but can't afford to just quit my job. I am disabled, walk with a rollator; so I get around pretty decently (certainly enough to take care of 2nd grade). I don't know where to begin?!? Teacher's have a lot of transferrable skills, and I've certainly taught long enough (since 2005). This last year, my husband had a brain tumor removed, leaving him deaf in his right ear, but he is back teaching his 6th graders since January. So, I can't just up and quit and take a low paying job. I just don't know what I can do, and I've been wanting out of the classroom. I love teaching, don't get me wrong! I get totally invested into my little's (my student's)! I had a 12th grade student recognize me at the Graduation of Distinction this year, as a teacher who changed/inspired their life. It was a huge honor that I am deeply touched by. Teaching is a noble profession, but one that takes all your time up. I have a 9 year old son who needs his parents to have some more time for him, instead of using all their waking hours working for the career. I don't mind putting in a hard day's work, or working a full work day. I do need some time for my own son. He's important too, but the teaching field doesn't leave us time, but perhaps during our vacations, here and there. I know you needed to understand that to understand my problem. So, I went back for a two year degree in Cyber Security and Networking (because I love it) because I need another field of study to move onto or into for my own child, who deserves my best too! How do I begin to look for a job, that will pay a decent wage, full time, and allow me to complete my degree? At best, all those plus get me into the world of Cyber Security and Networking? Any advise is greatly appreciated! I am hard working and no stranger to hard work. I just need an opportunity to get my foot in the door, but I don't know how. I tried asking people around me, including my college professor, but he doesn't know any as of yet, but when he does, he'll let me know. Thanks for letting me give you a big question!
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