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What I loved about working at #CVS was the opportunity to learn a new line of business.

The world of the big pharmaceutical companies is upon us. Do yourself a favor and learn about them. Do not leave it up to someone else. Everyone should educate themselves and know something about big pharma and it effects them. The pharmaceutical industry changes DAILY and I was on the "front lines" answering questions for many consumers who were or impacted by pricing or other tangibles. Let's back up a bit here. CVS a middleman they buy pharmaceuticals (drugs) and then offer them to customers at a fraction of the cost and still make a nice profit. CVS is not a drug manufacturer, no drug store is. CVS only deals with insurance policies and the portion of the policy that covers drugs, Like part "D" for drugs in the medicare coverages (its easier to remember it that way). Increased pricing for drugs can be due to many factors, such as increase in one of the many ingredients that go into the makeup of a drug, which is why generics (if available) is always best. A drug manufacturer can hold a patent for its drug for seven years prior to its release as a generic, which may be why its not available as a generic yet. Most patients don't see much of a drop off between name brands and generics but if there is it could be the ingredients and where they are coming from. Most patients don't even realize that their medications are made in China or India but its like any other product that can be bought cheaply and resold at a markup. I certainly hope this is helping those out there that are reading this. I no longer work for CVS but the information here is not proprietary and there is so much more information that I could offer if we had the time and the space. However, your primary care physician should have the last word when it comes to any drug or drugs that require a prescription. Consult with them first. Have a lovely 2022. Reach out if you need to. #healthcare #advice #cvs #pharmaceuticals

over 2 years ago
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