Do I or Don't I?

So I have been working for a staffing agency for the past week and a half. The business they placed me at is very nice and most of the people are very kind and helpful BUT (you knew there was a but, right?) the position wasn't very well thought out in advance and frankly there's just not enough work to do. Yes, during the interview I had said I cannot be bored on the job, I don't care what you give me to do, but give me something. They hired for a receptionist/admin asst but due to several circumstances the position is full of hours where I have to fake work. I don't want to do this, it isn't fair to me or the business. So, I've been looking for new opportunities (not on work time). The question is, do I put this on my resume? I don't lie or exaggerate on my resume, I feel that's a great way to get caught out and fired, but honestly, this position has brought nothing to my skill set and would look weak at best to someone trying to decide if they wanted to hire me.

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