Joan ten Hoeve
6 months ago

An act of kindness at work

The best part of the job was making a few friends that I still keep in touch with.

When you are a new hire, you are not introduced to your co-workers. You are never introduced to the so called big shots either.

Your job description changes daily. You trumy to assist the customer and your are told you did wrong

My 1st supervisor there was kind, helpful and understanding. After she was teansferred to another department, the new ones had no idea how to treat their workers.

Workers are suppose to work to help the customer but.the customer has to speak to numerous agents to hopefully get their issue resolved. i suggested having the agent work from beginning to end and i was shot down. As a comsumer do you want to repeat yourself over and over. I don't. How about having an agent hang up on you. And those sgents get raises and you dont

Empty promises and treated like you don't matter

If a suoervisor sees you do something right they turn it inro something you did wrong.

Don't waste your time.working where you are treated poorly. Their products suck and so does working there

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John Huang

Joan I agree that having a great supervisor means the world, and I'm sorry to hear you ended up in a bad situation. I hope you were able to get out and find a better position