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Frustrated and tired of all the games

I am a 61/m i have been doing Maintenance , plumbing, minor elec, restaurant equipment repair,for over 30 yrs.
i have worked for a bank for 12 years and have had 9 new bosses in that time.
well we just got a new boss and we do not see eye to eye .
I am one of several in our state that feel the same about Him and one was let go another
found a new job and the rest are looking.
I am frustrated on so many levels , i have worked hard to get my vacation sick leave and benefits

and now to have another boss that is determined to get rid of anybody with any seniority .
we all have 4 weeks plus vacation per year and have all been here 12 + years .
So i have been looking for new employment but trying to find something that pays what i make and with any benefits has been a challenge.
I know when you interview they are not allowed to ask certain questions like how old are you.
well i am 61 been told i look 50 at most but they ask what year did you graduate , they might as well ask
how old are you and after you say in my case 1974 the interview is quick and short .
i need to work we are not rich not old enough to retire there has to be another way . thank you all for your time and appreciate any advise i can get .


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It seems to be the new trend to get rid of higher paid experienced employees and hire newbies at minimum wage. I would think the company would suffer while having to train new staff but i don't think they care. The days of company's caring about their employees are over. It's all about saving money even if they have to sacrifice the quality of what ever product or service they supply.

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Yeah,this goes on in my company too,put 14 years in,no raise in 11 years,high turnover,no respect,it's sad what companies are doing.