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over 1 year ago

Frustrated and tired of all the games

I am a 61/m i have been doing Maintenance , plumbing, minor elec, restaurant equipment repair,for over 30 yrs.
i have worked for a bank for 12 years and have had 9 new bosses in that time.
well we just got a new boss and we do not see eye to eye .
I am one of several in our state that feel the same about Him and one was let go another
found a new job and the rest are looking.
I am frustrated on so many levels , i have worked hard to get my vacation sick leave and benefits

and now to have another boss that is determined to get rid of anybody with any seniority .
we all have 4 weeks plus vacation per year and have all been here 12 + years .
So i have been looking for new employment but trying to find something that pays what i make and with any benefits has been a challenge.
I know when you interview they are not allowed to ask certain questions like how old are you.
well i am 61 been told i look 50 at most but they ask what year did you graduate , they might as well ask
how old are you and after you say in my case 1974 the interview is quick and short .
i need to work we are not rich not old enough to retire there has to be another way . thank you all for your time and appreciate any advise i can get .

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