Nail this difficult interview question!

What is your greatest weakness? This common interview question can be very difficult to answer. When I applied to colleges, I was even asked this question.
1. Don’t work against yourself. Don’t list too many serious weaknesses and degrade yourself, but if you disguise your weakness as a strength, it can come across not genuine.
2. Find a middle ground Answer the question with one of your genuine weaknesses, but then include how your strengths are helping you to improve and overcome this weakness. For example, you could say “One of my weaknesses is that I talk too much, however I am disciplined and focused, so I have been working on keeping my attention on work, not on socializing.”
3. Emphasize personal improvement. After mentioning a weakness, always include how you are working on improving it. If you say that you are unorganized, then include that you will buy desk organizers and pencil cases so that you will have a cleaner workspace at your new job. By taking initiative, you will show self-awareness and motivation.

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