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Jennifer Silver

Assessment Questions

Can u tell me what is the point of assessment question at end of job application and why they started in the first place why they know who they want to hired or they already know whether or not they going to hired anyway they base your answer on if u qualify or not every assessment questions they always say be honest and there no right or wrong answer but at the same time u be honest and u still don't get hired so what is the point even if u have the right qualifications please explain to me.


William Agnew

The assessment questionnaire after your job application is for english fluency, reading competency and ability to professionally interact with others.

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The assessment is a overall determination of skills broken down into job related situations.
Most, companies try study their employees knowledge of certain workplace problems. for example, If a customer comes in to your store or business buys a Lawnmower, and a leave blower. 48 hours: later the same customer comes in complains an said the Lawnmower stop working and I don't have my receipt. do you give a refund? or exchange the lawnmower. moreover, do you turn the customer away?

Richard Miller

They are doing it to get a honest point of view from you so they can tell if you have the right attitude and thinking process for the job your answer can tell alot about you.

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A fellow Jobcaser

Totally agree with you Jennifer. Its a very messed up system just another way to keep good and honest people jobless. Its sickening. They have you thinking one thing and they pop an assesment on you. Wasted time. I always thought it was always a sign of discrimination. Comcast,Mastech,At&T,Dish,Time Warner also has this I worked with DirectTV for over 5 years and applied to Comcast doing the same thing I was doing with DirectTv. Had me thinking I had the job and they put this piss ass assesment only too tell me that I didnt fit for what they are looking for. Exact thing I was doing at DirectTV but now I m not an honest person or dont have knowledge to perform your job.GTHOH.Another way to weed out certain people and its always the good ones.