Recruiter with US Tech Solutions?

I received an email, then a call from a recruiter with US Tech Solutions, who is based out of New Jersey (and I live in Texas). I'm sure she got my information from the many job search websites that are online, because I have never applied with them. She said she had a position that I was good fit for and wanted to submit my resume. She said the position was for a 1 month contract, with starting date of immediately. The client would only be conducting phone screens for the position, so I said yes. That was Wednesday. Today in the morning, the recruiter calls me back and says Congratulations, the company (which I will not name) has chosen you for this position, which you will start on Monday. So I thought wow thats great, but no one ever called me? So right away she says, I just need to get a few details from you, please state your full legal name, okay, so I did. Next she asks for my SSN, thats when I said wait a minute... So I didn't disclose my SSN, told her I would be calling her back. I've googled US Tech Solutions and have not found anything regarding them being scammers, but I'm a firm believer of if its too good to be true.... So, have any of you worked through US Tech Solutions before? Like I said, I can't find any negative comments regarding someone being a victim of identity theft because of this company, but I'm still having a hard time convincing myself to send them all of my personal information, which is needed to complete the background screening. Please help!

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