Attn: Need Help! Please!

I Just recently lost my job and everyday since has been a struggle.

I was working for JMI Judge 7-Eleven. I worked 4 out of 6 stores that Inderdeep Judge owns. During my interview I was told by Mr. Judge that he just bought 4 stores recently and need managers badly.. I was told I was to do the extra work and stay late if I wanted the position. I started as a regular clerk making $8.50 minimum wage. I worked as hard as I could. Busted my ass, came in early and stayed late for hours everyday! I did everything told. When I was home I was at work. Seriously, I know alot of people say that doesn't make sense. I would come home and still have to do the stores employee scheduling every week, plan and interview others looking for hire with whoever Mr. Judge sent and Job Connect sent, getting calls from all the stores every time there was a problem, I was the store to store delivery guy. Everytime a store ran out of a product(s) that was needed I would call other locations we have, to eventually go and retrieve item(s) and take to store in need.

So, after a few months I got manager! After I was promoted, it took another month before I started seeing the $1.50 raise. But, now I'm supposed to stop theft so that the audit goes good every 3 months. Come in earlier, stay even later, watch cameras for employee theft, customer theft, work every shift every week, do all the ordering from all the vendors, scan in all the invoices from those venders (core-mark is the biggest truck that delivers product twice a week at midnight), I stock that product that comes in, all the purchase summary daily, cash report daily..

My girlfriend Angeline Terrell even started to work with the company. At the time she was halfway thru a healthy pregnancy. She started working when there was a no call, no show at the the Lamb Blvd store, and nobody was available to work. So, I called Mr. Judge and asked if she could work the 8 hours even though she does NOT have a Health Card, TAM Card, or Non-Gaming Card. He said it shouldn't be a problem. After that, she would work whenever needed. She has worked four locations all together (Lamb, Mojave, 28th, and Stewart). She never received a dime from Mr. Judge.

Now the hard part..
Because of my drive to make more money to support our growing family (had a baby boy June 30th 2018), there were a few complications with his heart the doctor noticed during an ultrasound check-up two months before his projected birthday, in which my girlfriend was rushed to the hospital and put into labor. Thank God everything went well, other then a week in the hospital before he could come home. A month later my girlfriend was back working with no pay, once again, and I was working 4 or 5 hours off the clock on top of the paid 8 everyday of the week. I was lucky to get my actual scheduled day off. I received some overtime hours on payroll but not even close to what work I was performing. My girlfriend still was not compensated a dime for work performed.

My girlfriend left me because of the hours I was working without being paid and I couldn't spend time with my family and help raise our son the way a father supposted too.

I quit my job on September 19th 2018 due to work conditions. I now live in a weekly apartment on the worst side of town. I somehow I don't qualify for Unemployment Insurance Benefits. I lost my car because I couldn't keep up with the payments. Now it's hard to even get a RTC daily pass for $5.00 for transportation to job interviews, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, etc. Tomorrow my rent is due and I have exhausted all personal resorces. I have not received any kind of help from resorces provided by local programs.

I've been applying for all related job opportunities. I am available 40+ hours every week.
I'm a single father and dedicated to my employers. I've always held at least a 40+ hour job or 2 full time jobs. I've never left a company after working no less then a couple years. Excluding one temp job. I have managed four 7-eleven stores in the Las Vegas Valley and a dedicated team player to say the least. I'm 30 years old and in shape to perform any task given. You can call my references from past employment, Google to make sure phone numbers are accurate and company's are real.. I know alot of people lie about what they actually do know, and it puts the hiring manager on the spot. This is not that case. I work hard, never late, responsible, and will not tolerate theft know mater if it's a customer or employee. I will protect my job by making sure inventory is correct.

Dustin Barnes

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