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Treated like dirt.

I was wondering if someone out there has any advice for me. Please be constructive as well as kind. I truly don't deserve hate.
I have had a worker's comp case open many years with my last job. Damage is permanent. But through 27 years, I showed up to work and did my job. Through the pain and suffering, I showed up. Well, one day I was walking a long distance within my job, the pain was so surreal that I started to cry. I had to hide In a bathroom and cry. I started taking my opioid medicine while working just to make it through the day. Something I never ever did. This reduced the pain but made functioning difficult. I finally couldn't take it any longer and I went to my doctor. He refused to return me to the position I was hired for. At the jobs request, their doctor agreed. I was medically terminated. No unemployment because I was too sick to work. No SSD, because I wasn't sick enough. During the time I was out of work, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. Well the doctor I went to for the injuries due to the accident told worker's comp that I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. So they inturned refused to pay me any farther. They said it was the accident that caused my pain, and no what I originally went out for. So no workers comp funds or insurance. This has went on for 2 years. I have drained my savings. I am losing.y home. Everything. All three agencies are blaming the other one. But my family and I sit and suffer. Today, my medications was refused by workers comp and medicaid. So now more pain along with everything else. 27 straight long hard years I paid into a system that screwd me and my family. I was told by my lawyers that failed me, that I would have to take my case to the appellate courts. Something in which they don't do. I was told that it's extremely expensive and I would need the money upfront. Now where am I supposed to get that from? I need help. Someone out there please help the wrongs that my family and I have suffered. Point me in the right direction. It is so dreadfully wrong. I am now sick to say that I'm from NY. I know I am not the only one who has lost hope in this system. Any information towards a resolution, would be appreciated. Thank you.


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A fellow Jobcaser

SSI usually isn't approved on the first try. It takes a couple times. I don't know what your finances are like but you might consider a lawyer that specializes in disability. As I recall they usually don't ask for money up front. They get their fee after you get a settlement. In preparation to go back to work if and when you can, your state government offers vocational rehab to help you find a job suitable for you.

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You need a new lawyer. I went through a similar ordeal where i was hurt and then i was rearended. Your attorney makes all the difference.

William Agnew

You can apply for social security disability and you should easily qualify. Maybe they will expedite. Good luck.

Robert Wortmann

I know what pain is. My pain got to be so bad when I sat, when I stood, and when I lay down that I prayed to God to resolve it or to kill me. Fortunately, for me because I had been fired from the position that helped to cause my pain, my wife's insurance covered my operation. I also got a lawyer who specializes in Social Security Disability. If you reply I can get you his info.