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My boyfriend recetly quit the deli downtown. And I have the urge to share his experiences while working there for three years. They don’t sit well with me and it shows management for while has had a history of sexism and favoritism towards family members(daughter and sister).

Just recently, my boyfriend quit his position due to finally reaching his breaking point with management.

This manager, who has been with the business for 18 years has a multitude of reasons why you Shoudnt work here.

A coworker, overheard management telling her daughter that she refuses to accept male applicants, he has seen her throw away applications if they’re male.

She has lost her temper on said coworker for requesting time off for a funeral she knew about. She shut the deli down because she “needed time off” because of this.

She constantly allows women and family members to leave early, while forcing my boyfriend to work open to close every single day. He was given maybe one or two okays to leave early.

Management treats men like literal work horses. Makes them do all of the brunt work, there wasn’t a time that my boyfriend didnt Get forced to do a days worth of dishes with more piled on top because noone else would do them.

Management also snapped at other employees for being on their phone, but allows their daughter to sit on food prep counters and at booths, on her phone, while customers are there.

Management has been a problem for a while there. But owners won’t do anything becaue theyve been working there for so long. We’re left, completely confused on what we can possibly do.

I put this out there because i dont know where else to spread the word. I’ve written a report to BBB. But other than that I’ll left not knowing how to help.

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over 1 year ago
Bullet point

You have spread the word on this establishment. If you are working there, now is the time to take your experience and knowledge and seek other employment. You cannot change the environment there as it has gone on for a long time. Time to move on and don't look back. Best of luck for you future.