This one takes the cake!!

I recently went on an interview That looked like it was a for sure thing .. Lol lol Well the recruiter like my resume she met me in person she is very impressed she sends me on this interview . I was thinking this was it ....a perfect fit .. Well I go in interviewed.. They asked the basics.. we chatted after pleasantly..I left the room Spoke to the original recruiter looked kosher. They told me to call them the next morning they would know so I did they never returned a phone call or text messages Finally the main recruiter hands me off to The 1st person who called me I asked her what's going and I had a bad feeling at that point. You're questioning leads me to believe that there something going and so let's cut to the Chase she said that the interviewer liked me The interview went very well I have a great personality but she isn't hiring me because she said I repeated the wow and man 2 times.. I said excuse me?? And she said this is a reason I was not hired what a bogus bunch of BS

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