Dena Rossi

Here is something called the Case Manager's Creed that lists lots of attributes we use. I don't remember where I got this but is so true! To be a case manager, one must be courteous, diplomatic, caring, shrewd, persuasive, assertive, creative, supportive, understanding, responsible, slow to anger, adaptable, a Sherlock Holmes, a motivator, up-to-date, good looking, have a good memory, acute business judgment, emotional stability and the embodiment of virtue, but with a good working knowledge of sin and evil in all its forms.

A case manager must understand insurance, electricity, chemistry, physiology, mechanics, architecture, physics, bookkeeping, banking, merchandising, selling, shipping, contracting, claims adjusting law, medicine, real estate, horse trading and human nature. A case manager must be a coordinator, clinician, coach, therapist, educator, consumer advocate and administrator.

A case manager must be a mind reader, a hypnotist and an athlete, must be acquainted with machinery of all types and materials of all kinds and must know the current price of everything from a shoestring to a skyscraper, an aspirin to an amputation. They must know all, see all, and tell nothing and be everywhere at the same time.

They must satisfy the claims manager, the claims examiners, the home office claims department, the underwriting department, the supervisors, the solicitor, the insured, the claimant and the state industrial commission.

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over 1 year ago
Ashley Wilson

WOW sounds like a huge job! I never realized. Thank you for sharing all of those insights. Please check out the getting hired resource center for any assistance you need moving forward and new jobs being shared!