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Michael Carvalho
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Owner of Fabriclean Inc.

#MyThoughts on Sunday

Start Your Sunday with Positive Thoughts of Knowing you can overcome all things. It starts with believing in the power to change the past and focus on the future. Like a Baby who learns how to walk. It falls over and over but never gives up. One day, it takes it’s first step, the next, two steps. Over the cause of trying over and over it walks across the room and everyone is celebrating. It’s the same with applying for a job, you apply over and over each day. Then you get the call for an interview and don’t get the job. You applied to other companies. The call comes in and you get hired. We in the Jobcase Community read your story and celebrate the good news. You become an inspiration to others who read your post. And Our Community helps others. Trust and Believe You Got the Power of #Jobcase @Jobcase

3 months ago
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