Feeling Stuck at 58

Hi everyone, Just signed on to this site and have been getting helpful tips from Elyssa. I though I would share my situation with you to see what you think as well.

I'm 58 and have been in Medical Sales about 23 years. This year I finally had a melt down from stress caused by my job and my MD strongly suggested I leave this profession for Health reasons.

I have a degree is in Public Health and prior to Sales was a Hospital Educator in which I taught BLS/CPR, was involve in setting up Health Fairs and also participated in teaching Quality Improvement to the Hospital. I really enjoyed this work but went into Sales for the $$ so I could better take care of my family. That experience is about 25 years old.

After searching for similar roles, I found the majority of Hospitals now hire Nurses to be Hospital Educators. Even if I'm lucky to find a position, how do I include my Hospital Educator experience on my resume when my experience dates back to the early 90's? Unfortunately, age discrimination is real.

Does anyone have some suggestions including some other careers I should consider.

Thank you.

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