Nathan Prickett

Oh wow let me explain something to all you lame brain ass hiring managers and to all the people sitting in the big chairs in the humongous office building while everybody makes them rich let me tell you something about a felon that you don't know I have a huge record I've worked in the Capitol building of Austin Texas which I'm not even supposed to be in well guess what I don't know who one of the hardest working forces in the United States felons you want to know why because we want a damn chance you know how many times I've seen a guy just in Joshua Tree California who gets terminated from jobs because he slacks in his lazy and milks the clock and you dumbasses keep f****** hiring him but you pass up the felon well what I've learned from that is you're a bad judge of character let me explain why when you're in prison the serial rapist and the murderer are the most decent trustworthy honest friends you have the guy with the two year dope case is the sickest twisted rape inmate f*** youll ever meet. And if you don't believe me go commit a crime and do about 6 years you'll figure it out real quick Man I used to know had hardly any time used to ripen inmate and then go kiss his wife and kids and you f**** probably hired him and I don't care if anybody kicks me off here I really don't give a rat's ass cuz you know what I'm a success do you realize I was a 9th grade dropout but I slept on the streets and went to college the same year I got out of prison did you also know that I'm certified HVAC I smoke any Master mechanic that diagnosis or should I say Miss diagnosis a car a vehicle whatever you want to call it I'm a masonry level one certified and core correct way through nccer and yes I know how to build things I average day on a speed wall a 12x12 column a freaking smoker a fireplace I can build all that stuff though I don't like the job very much I'm also HVAC certified for automotive and all about refrigerant recovery retrofitting r12 r134a so on and so forth and now guess what I'm fixing to build an empire and I'm only going to hire a felons I'm going to fight to get that approved and I'll have the most richest company in the entire world I don't even think Bill Gates or Warren Buffett or all them dudes combined will be as rich as me soon I give it about 5 years and I'll be passing all you f***** up and yeah I won't hire you so don't ask. And yes I know how to build a professional website with everything in it that you can think of even the custom stuff a lot of you got professionals don't know you know what I can do that in no time flat coating it but you'll never get me as an asset for your company because you're nothing but a bunch of judgemental morons.

4 months ago
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