Helen Swainson

One thing I would have loved to have at #The Summit Lighthouse, Montana was

I would have loved to be paid a salary and maybe receive some type of medical benefits such as dental and/or vision care. I volunteered because I was receiving social security benefits and received room and board, plus the environment was pristine and quiet. I needed that at that point in time - a sort of inner retreat. I’m hoping for a come-back now. Even though I’m a senior, I’m quite healthy and strong and my personality is energetic and cheerful. When I’m alone I love that also.
I have a variety of experiences but the ones I prefer are handling incoming mail (worked at American Express Plantation Fl., Capital Factors , Fort Lauderdale, Fl); temp work for Sam’s Club and mail room clerk at a flowers distribution plant in South Florida.
I prefer to enjoy the work I’m doing in a harmonious surroundings than focus on getting a big salary. I have recently moved back to Florida and don’t have a car - only a bike- so I need something close enough that I can ride to work. After awhile I could get a car. #florida #backtoworkmoms

over 1 year ago
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