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Anita Williams
2 months ago

My Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Here's my list of what I'm grateful for:

  1. Those who protect abused children, provide for and care for orphans and sick children - for they are innocent and helpless and need us.

  2. Those who feed the hungry, bring water to the thirsty, give shelter to the homeless, and support the needy - for whom will they go to on earth if not us?

  3. Those who dedicate their lives to medicine for the cause of saving lives - else sickness would overtake us.

  4. Those who work to bring real justice to the truly violated without an angle to gain - so that we will still believe in what is right.

  5. Those who work in preserving nature and helping the environment - else our world would not be livable.

  6. Those who work for real peace to stop wars/fights/misunderstandings - so that we live in peace and harmony with each other.

  7. Those who work to save and protect our animals - because they are without speech and were given to us by God to look after.

  8. Parents and family members that correct and teach their children to uphold moral values, promote goodness and kindness, practice ethics and sound principles and lead by example - so that the generations to come keep goodness and humanity alive.

  9. Those that have gone out of their way for their friends well-being and bring them back from dark places because they truly love them and care for them - so that we understand the value of and need for real friends.

  10. Those that work with the addicts, for their patience, their will in not giving up but waiting in confidence to see the breakthrough in these lives - so that we continue to have faith even for these and believe in God’s saving grace.

This year let's not just be thankful, but let's be meaningful in our hearts and actions to live a life that others can be thankful for us......

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Ford Simpson

Living with those thoughts will make us better people,Thanks for your wise words,Ford