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Michael Carvalho
about 1 month ago

September 11, will always remain special in my heart. It started with my Oldest Daughter being born on this day. The weekend was great, traveling to New York for the Michael Jackson Come Back Tour. The night before we enjoyed the concert and woke up on September 11, at 6:30 AM. Ready to catch the plane back to Providence, RI at 12:30 PM. We decided to head to Ground Zero for Breakfast at the Bodega. As we were finishing up, the ground shook and right before our eyes the plane crashed in the Twin Towers. People Scrambling and watching, chaos soon took place. Still not knowing at the time what happened? We headed back to our hotel so we thought. Smoke filled the air, paper’s flying, particles and debris soon covered us. Police and firefighters scrambled around us. Stuck in the middle of it all we were there. Then the second plane hit. Scared and confused stuck to see it all. It was when it really hit us America is Under Attack. As we continued to watch in disbelief the worst was yet to come. Watching people make a choice to end their life. One jumped and then more continued to follow after it. Shocked and saddened by what we saw.. I started to pray hoping for it to end. It continued for five days more. The city was in lock down and we witnessed plenty more. Families lost loved one’s and more. At that time I was thankful for the kindness of strangers we met during that time. Here we are 20 years later and still can’t believe it happened. Today we will come to remember it again, as people will gather to read the names of the lost ones who I will never forget. Life is short and has so much more to offer. Appreciate the simple things in life. Be kind to others and show compassion to all. As this day continues, please keep in mind how blessed we are to celebrate life. Enjoy this day as a memory to all. #motivation #inspiration

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Ford Simpson

I remember walking out in my backyard and looked at the bright blue sky. Silence,no planes but one brought down by heroes in Shanksville. The beauty of Heaven mixing with the evil on the ground. I will never forget,Ford

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