27, Been Job Hunting since 2016-2017, was Self-Employed.

Okay, so here is my story it's not much but here it goes. So I am 27 on Food Stamps who was Self-Employed through Art and Other Passive Incomes online (Like Freelance Voice Acting) from about 2013 - 2016. I had an unstable internet connection and at that moment it kinda disappeared so it caused me to think about going back to school to further my dream career with some degree. I couldn't get in until 2017 but that's when that and my choice changed.

During that time my email was hacked and my passive incomes compromised. The School also wasn't helping matters because they weren't giving me the info I was asking them for.

I have been filling out countless applications but only gaining work that has been temp or unpaid.

I communicate well with others
I have amazing Customer Service skills.
I am reliable.
I am quick to think in a situation.
I am regaining the ability to be organized.
I am Tech Savvy.
I am willing to learn and grow.
I am gaining some retail tricks.

I am very nerdy and love to get deep into innovative research. Heck I get dressed up all nice for interviews too.

Yet I only have a High School Diploma and no driver's license. I prefer to take the bus because it helps me learn about those in different demographics and what is trending in the world.

I am also already part of a Worksource program in my state, what more do I have to do to network and get myself a job to get me back on track to my dream career that I originally lost?

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