So my bf works 10hrs Mon-Thur overtime if he works on fri. He has been there for over a year no benefits except insurance, he knows how to do everything at his job. It's a very physical job. The start off pay is very low about 40 people have been hired and quit within a day because the pay is so low for as much physical labor there is. Now the human resource manager is always shorting his checks a couple hrs. She also got mad because they brought in donuts and one of his coworkers didnt want his, he gave it to him she made such a fuss over that. She throws employees checks in their face if she's mad at them. There are people at his job that is getting paid 2.00 more than him hes been there the longest. And they just hired someone off the street who gets .25 cents less then him. To me I think the company is racist. Dont know what to do?

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