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Lawsuits case???
I worked for the company ASPEN Dental, which is a corporation. The office is located in Sherman, Tx
I was recently fired on Oct 13 reason stated I was no longer a good fit for that office. I worked there approximately 1 yr. I started having trouble on Tues, Sept. 27, when I received a text message from the office manager, Catrice, that I needed to work that Saturday and I told her that I had plans and couldn't work and that it was not my scheduled Saturday to work. The next text I got was do not come in tomorrow then your hours have been cut. I didn't feel that was fair so I then called corp and emailed them the very next day and filed a complaint against my hours. Which would have been Sept 28,2016. After the office manager found out I called corp and complained she told the entire office and I suffered extreme emotional stress from the entire office in retaliation to my complaint. A meeting was held with me, the office manager, the dr, and the regional manager where she admitted compromising my employee confidentiality and all I asked was that she apologized and she never did but continued to make my life miserable at work where I went home crying everyday. Everyone in that office called me a trader and the enemy. I took a planned vacation day that was scheduled before this happen and was never paid for it so I again emailed corp and complained. I was then fired shortly after. I was a great employee with no write ups and a clean record. The regional manager who fired me was a former employee of mine when I managed a jewelry store 14 years ago and I had to fire him. I feel like I have been retaliated against and unfairly let go. I called the HR director after this happen and he was going to look into putting me into another office and setting me up to do work at home taking in bound calls for new patients and was suppose to return my call. I have tried contacting him several times and he will not contact me back. I recently got a letter of termination.
What can I do?




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