What made me stay at #University of California Medical Center was

I graduated from UCLA with a BA in Sociology and a BA in History...yes two BA's.I enjoyed my UCLA years. I enjoyed my experience so much I applied and was hired at the UCLA Medical Center. I was employed at the UCLA Medical Center for twenty years... I had enjoyed my work until my homophobic manager found out I was gay. I requested Family Medical Leave in order to be the primary care giver for my partner, of 30 years,who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. My manager refused to grant me time off (I had 1200 hours of sick time on the books). My manager said to me "Its a good thing that I can separate my beliefs from my obligation to UCLA". I demanded to use FMLA, the UC benefits department said that gay employees would have the same rights as married employees. UC benefits forgot to add FMLA to the benefits stimulation for gay employees. The harassment, discrimination began...HR did nothing to help. My situation was presented to the UC Regents and the FMLA policy was amended to include gay "families". This happened 10 years before Marriage Equality.

about 1 year ago
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