Ready to give up...

I am at my wits end. I am trying to relocate to Florida and have applied for over 230 jobs in the healthcare and human services fields and the few responses I do get are rejections and I did get 2 responses that offered me half of what I make now. I get that I might have to take a pay cut but there’s no way I can cut it in half. That’s just not feasible.
I have made it clear that I will pay for all moving expenses. I have 3 degrees but my nursing license is not a five right now. I need to take a RN Remediation course because it’s been more than 5 years. So I can’t work as a nurse but I can do pretty much everything else in a doctors office. I’ve tried hospitals, long term care, mental health, substance abuse....the list goes on and on. I really needed to make this change in my life but I don’t understand why with my education and experience I can get a job. I’m so close to giving up but I have wanted this move for so long. Suggestions anyone? I don’t know how many more applications I can possibly fill out.




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