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Christine Canales
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#ConfirmedScam #ScamAlert

Rackspace Technology has officially gotten back with me and the email I received was, indeed, a #scam. I must admit it was the most convincing scam I've come across thus far.

If you are interested in a job with Rackspace Technology please go to their website:

Here are the tips to look for when applying for and receiving correspondance from Rackspace:

-Rackspace Technology recruiters will arrange all interviews and job offers via an official “ /” email address utilizing Lever and Zoom  - Please exercise caution if you choose to provide personal information via email or other social media channels. Do not click any links that you do not recognize   -Applicants should visit our career page ( to see all postings and/or apply on this website only   -Job Postings on LinkedIn etc. will also route you to our careers page

In addition, Rackspace Technology will never ask for any financial commitment from a candidate as a pre-employment requirement.

As always, if you believe you have been the victim of a scam or received a fraudulant offer - please report it to and notify the company they are posing as.

Those companies are just as much as a victim as we are, their reputation, their name, and their brand is at stake.

#Knowwhosinterviewing #Fraudprevention #Jobseekers #ReportFraud

almost 2 years ago
Melanie Gardiner
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I believe I got a fraudulent offer from people pretending to be them as well ☹️