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A LOL moment #Online gaming company

My very first customer was a college grad he brought in his console he created and he looked at me and laughed. I said what's so funny he snickered n said I made this game it's un beatable nobody has ever beat it or finished the entire game. I smiled and said I would try my hardest and do my very best when I gave him my review. I said please come back in a hour and I will have everything ready for you. He laughed AGIAN he said ya right good luck I said thanks I'll see you in a hour. So I started his game and I had not only beat it I finished it within twenty minutes with one life and in the review I explained it was built masterly but I'd finished in twenty minutes without dying . He said I can't believe this then he said he hasn't even beat his own game he made. I laughed out loud and told him just because you create something great doesn't mean there's something greater out there. He didn't understand but he looked at me and smiled n tipped me fifteen hundred dollars and posted a add in the paper how I was the master of masters with a unbeaten record on his game that he couldn't finished. It was great because of him my business took off and I had all the customers I needed. And the respect I received from all his referrals was outstanding. My review I gave on his game he read it and I told him how n what I did he came in the next day with another five hundred dollar tip and thanked me for ruining his cocky attitude n said he had sold so many copies because of what I did that he could never thank me Enough. I smiled and said no matter how hard or great the game is there always a way to beat the unbeatable he's now my best friend and he brings me everything he makes for me to test and give my review it was great because he had a degree and BIENG the creator I proved him wrong and humbled him at the same time lol I was on cloud nine lol.. I'm a professional gamer but my humble but smart detailed reveiw he's finacially set now we're friends it was the best day of my life. Don't underestimate yourself or limit your greatness if you believe in yourself you can achieve greatness...

over 1 year ago
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