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Marcus Alston
Bullet point
Cashier at 7 11

First thing I loved and noticed instantly was the amount of patients my fellow coworkers showed. And true indeed at the very beginning I made a couple mistakes and they were right there to pick me back up and show me and make me feel better about the situation. Secondly I loved how the owners weren't prejudice,or judgemental.They were, regular people and the treated everyone equally,equal.......I'm Originally from Los Angeles and most people who either own an Establishment or in control to hire and fire individuals,see a black man and automatically to began to pre-judge.I love how they gave me a chance to show I was a different kind of black man not the one that deserves to be prejudged because of his peers or people that look like him. they gave me a chance to show and prove that I'm responsible reliable caring and respectful. In many ways I thank God for 7-Eleven giving me an opportunity I learned a lot.

over 1 year ago
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