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Odalis Lopez
2 months ago

Dhr health disability discrimination At lubys

Luby's - Dishwasher - FT - Days - Edinburg, TX The supervisor (Maria) and director (Susan )they didn’t care about disability or being sick they fired me because I call in late my medicine is strong to wake up. I felt discriminated. DONT WORK HERE PLEASE AT LUBYS . I witnessed someone having a seizure they didn’t give him a break. He wanted to know his schedule they never give it to him. They fired him because of that . supervisor she was forcing me to work while I am feeling drowsy. I should’ve crash if I drive like that. It’s very unprofessional . They pick favorites treat other different. Unprofessional discrimination environment You have the right to know and don’t apply there. Better opportunity Just because he have a disability they treat me like trash. It’s very offensive. Its supposed to be a hospital. #management

Janet Brady

that is a shame they treat workers poorly. i do not think that they let you go on discrimination. i feel like you said they treat some people better then others. that has been around for ever, and they wonder why they go through so much help.

i think you should talk to your doctor about switching to another medication. good luck