Finally got a Job!

Finally after 18 months.......

I work as a seasonal sales associate at my favorite store known as Papersource. I had previous expereince there before and knew the managers within one of the locations so she hooked me up with the job. In addition, I work as a part time virtual assistant for someone who owns a book store and i'm currently re designing her website.

It may not be the jobs in my field.. (I'm a graphic designer) but any job is better than no job! Plus I do have an online business I started not too long ago known as Cosmic Funnies and I got incoming customers buying my cute space products so things are getting better.

For those of you who are still looking for work, keep looking and don't give up! In addition grab any job that can pay the bills..that includes you can have food on the table.

I thank the Lord my God for helping me through my difficult times as I have been within him since this January and constantly read the word. He does help guys if you ask. Remember book of Job? He was rich and had a huge family until all of that was taken away. He didn't blame God for his misfortunes, he still praised the lord and also felt suicidal as I did during those days. However, after so much pain and suffering, he was rewarded with double of his riches for not giving up.

You can do the same guys. I kept that story in mind as it always pops in whenever I felt distraught and wondering why bad things happen to me.

You can do this! Happy Holidays everyone! :)

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