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Brenda Perez

Really .... why not just hire them!!!!!

Stop beating around the bushes..... so many applications being put out, but that's a waste of TIME!!! either you're Hiring or Not... So much info on a Application... doesn't matter if you're a high shool graduate or a college degree, or master degree, associate degree, bachelor;s degree, so much education ,but still No one Hires you!! its just a Paper .... come on employers , start calling the applicants back!!! each and everyone waits for someone to call them back for and interview. Workforce wake up so many people want to WORK. that's my opinion on how I feel about all this .


Brenda Perez

Wake UP!!!!! Employer's

Murray Abrahams

You can also help by calling them. Check on your applications and what the status is. Keep in mind that there may be 100s of people applying, so it's difficult to talk to everyone.

Tonya Younger

I agree. You said it sister. No one meets face to face to give you a job anymore!